5 Jogging Strollers with Speakers or Mp3 Players

Jogging strollers with speakers are pretty useful in my opinion. You can use them to actually work out and jog. Or just to take a stroll around the neighborhood while listening to your favorite music. Most jogging strollers today even come as all terrain, so that you can take them off-road easily. If you’re considering getting yourself a jogging stroller, here are a few picks that even come with speakers (you can jam out while you work out!). Even though the speakers are an added bonus, always think about other features that are important to you.

When you are selecting the best baby strollers, think about what safety features you’d like, how heavy the stroller is, size of stroller, weight and height limit for child, easy to fold and store. Then, also think about whether you really need a jogging stroller. Check out our cheap jogging stroller article for more ideas. Below are five jogging strollers to hopefully help you on your journey of finding the perfect one.


Jogging Strollers with Speakers


1) Expedition Double Jogger by Baby Trend

Expedition Double Jogger by Baby Trend

As stated in most of my reviews, Baby Trend is a good brand and also makes a majority of jogging strollers, even ones for multiples! I had to add a couple double strollers for the parents with twins or multiple children still in strollers. This affordable stroller has some nice features: will recline to an almost flat position so children can nap, easily folds, has decent undercarriage storage, the canopy moves around so you can position wherever the sun is, and the back wheels are removable for easier storage. It can accommodate two children up to fifty pounds or forty-two inches tall.

One common downside is width and trying to get through doors, but let’s face it, if you’re buying a side by side double stroller, you should know that it’s going to be bigger and bulkier than other strollers. Another downside is that there is no bar between the two children’s seats, which means the kids could end up tilting towards each other. That wouldn’t be a deal breaker for me as long as it didn’t bother my kids. This stroller is considered light weight for being a double. If you’re on a budget and need a good, reliable double jogging stroller, this might be a good choice for your family.



2) Hello Kitty Calypso Jogger by Baby Trend

Hello Kitty Calypso Jogger by Baby Trend

I, personally, am a huge fan of Hello Kitty merchandise, and I’m twenty-two (no shame). This jogging stroller with speakers is adorable and perfect for any little girl. Some features include: one hand folding, child’s tray with two cup holders, speakers for mp3 hookup, and car seat attachment to child’s tray.

The seat reclines for more a more comfortable ride and there’s adequate space under the seat to store things needed on your walk. The front wheel also locks for jogging purposes. If you think this is the stroller for you, I’d recommend having a tire pump since the tires do not come inflated. If you like this specific stroller and Hello Kitty, you can also buy the travel system which includes a matching Hello Kitty car seat and base.


3) InStep Grand Safari Jogging Stroller

InStep Grand Safari Jogging Stroller

This next choice is worth the price; the stroller is highly durable and comes with built-in mp3 speakers. It also has a moveable sunshade, faux lambskin padding to give your little one luxury comfort, and holds a child up to fifty pounds. One thing I love about this stroller is that the handle is adjustable, if there is quite a height difference between you and your significant other (my significant other is 6’3 and I am 4’11), this is a great feature to consider! The handle is slip resistant, and there is spring suspension for a smoother ride and more control.

A good safety feature is a double trigger in order to fold it; it might not be as simple and convenient as a one hand fold, but the safety of it should make up for that. Another awesome feature is that the child tray flips up and down so you can easily put your child in and out. Only downside is that the under seat storage isn’t very big.



4) Expedition EX Jogging Stroller by Baby Trend

jogging strollers with speakers

Baby Trend is definitely a name you can trust when it comes to keeping your baby safe and comfy. They also make a majority of jogging strollers, so they must be doing something right! This specific stroller is very affordable and still has some outstanding features. It’s easy to fold, has a canopy/sun visor that extends all the way down to the child’s tray for extra shielding, there’s a detachable sunroof on the top of the canopy for easy access to see your little one, it’s super lightweight and easy to store away.

If having adequate shade is an important factor to you, then you absolutely have to take a look at how we choose an umbrella stroller with canopy.

There is a good amount of space under the seat, five-point safety harness and also reflectors on the footrest so baby will be more noticeable at night. If you want a quality jogging stroller with mp3 speakers plug-in, without feeling like you’re paying an arm and a leg, this might be a good option to consider. If this stroller doesn’t fit your needs, definitely look into the other Baby Trend jogging strollers, they all have different features to fit every family.




5) InStep Arrow Fixed Wheel Double Jogging Stroller by Schwinn

InStep Arrow Fixed Wheel Double Jogging Stroller by Schwinn

Another double jogger for you parents of multiples! Some pros of this item would be: easy to fold, hand brake on handle for added safety, rear dual shocks for a smoother ride, visors are a decent size, nice lightweight design for easy pushing while jogging, and adjustable handle bar.

If you didn’t like that the Baby Trend stroller didn’t have a bar in-between children, this stroller has dividers between the children; so no sliding into each other! One downside is just children trying to fit in it due to height, but that ranges for each child, one person’s three-year-old might not fit, while another person’s five-year-old still has some growing room. This is another affordable option for durable and reliable jogging strollers with mp3 players or speakers. I hope this article helped you with your quest for a jogging stroller!



How to choose a Jogging Stroller with Speakers ?

If you love running as much as you love your kids (or almost as much), then you definitely know that a great jogging stroller is a must. You need something easy to use, but also able to help you entertain the littles. Luckily, there are many options for parents out there, including strollers with speakers and mp3 hook-ups. You can run to the beat of your own music while keeping your child happy. Say bye-bye to toy throwing and tiny tantrums!


Features to Look for in Your Stroller

With so many products to choose from, knowing what to look for can be a real lifesaver. A stroller is a big investment and you do not want to have to replace a low-quality stroller after only using it for a year. Many companies also offer their products in multiple color schemes, so you won’t have to worry about walking or running around with the same color stroller as every other parent.


(i) Top Rated for Safety

Your child’s safety should always be your top priority. Therefore, having a stroller with all the best safety features is key. Be sure to choose a stroller with brakes for the back wheels and the front wheel. This will keep the stroller from running away with your precious cargo. Also, having a safety harness (or seat belt) in your stroller is a given and will protect your child from falling out, especially if you enjoy running on unpaved trails. A canopy/sun visor is needed to protect your baby from the sun and wind to ensure you both enjoy your stroll. Reflectors are also a must so that the stroller will be seen by cars or other vehicles driving near the sidewalk.


(ii) Easy to Use

If you are a first-time mom, learning how to fold, open, and close everything can be frustrating. Adding a jogging stroller to the mix shouldn’t make you want to pull your hair out. The majority of jogging strollers will have a folding mechanism to make your stroller easier to travel with. The most simple and convenient models have a “one-hand” trigger folding mechanism to make storage quick and easy. On the other hand, there are models that feature a “double trigger” mechanism for safety purposes. It ensures that you don’t unintentionally cause the stroller to fold while your baby is in it.


(iii) Adaptable to Different Infant Car Seats  

Jogging strollers aren’t just for moms with babies who can sit up on their own. Most strollers will have the ability to hold an infant car seat, however, be sure to check the car seat’s manufacturer safety recommendations. Check to see if the jogging stroller you want comes with a car seat adapter if you wish to run with your infant.


(iv) Storage Space

We all know there are certain things you always need to bring with you when your children are present. Having a jogging stroller with storage space is no different. Depending on what you want to bring with you, be sure to check how much room there is in the under-seat storage. Cup holders for mommy and baby are also an important feature needed to ensure everyone stays hydrated.

jogging stroller wheels

(v) Wheels

Depending on where you plan to walk or jog with your little one will determine what type of tires your jogging stroller will need. Jogging strollers will need sturdier, long-lasting tires. You have two types of wheels that are gear towards jogging strollers and will be your best option. The first one is pneumatic tires. These are reinforced rubber and filled with compressed air. The second type of tires are air filled tires with sealed ball bearings. These are going to be your “all-terrain” tires that are typically larger, more durable wheels that produce a much smoother ride for the off-roading mommies.


(vi) Speakers and MP3 Hook-ups

The mp3 hook-up is a lifesaver for many parents. The plug-in is typically located in the parent tray. This is compatible with almost every mp3 device out there, including Apple products. The speakers are designed and placed in the jogging stroller for your child to enjoy without disturbing other joggers. But most importantly, it also helps you! No more nursery rhymes or Paw Patrol to get you off track with your running.


Tips for Jogging Safely with Your Baby

So, first things first: it is recommended you check with your pediatrician and to follow your jogging stroller’s recommendations for usage before you head out on your first jog with your baby. Many experts say you should not begin jogging with your child until they are six to eight months old, since they will be able to properly hold and support their own head by this point. As stated above, you will also want to make sure your child is properly secured in the jogging stroller before taking a single step. Reflectors are also needed to ensure safety for early risers and evening runners.

New mothers may also need to speak with their own doctor before going out on that first jog. While jogging with your baby is great for all your muscles (especially your back and core), getting the green light for your own health is essential.  Bringing a new baby into your life is a huge adjustment. Therefore you don’t want to risk injuring yourself by pushing too hard. You are allowed to take it easy on yourself, building your strength and stamina as you go.


So What are You Waiting for? Get Moving!

We’ve discussed all your jogging stroller needs, especially the life-changing mp3 feature. An now, you and baby are ready to hit the road! There’s no better way to keep mommies happy and healthy than to give them the option of jamming to their own music! Be sure to map out the route you wish to take. Or find parks for jogging to help you narrow down your options. This is to ensure your jogging stroller has all the features needed to give you both a great stroller experience.



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