Top 10 Best Rated Strollers 2017

When it comes to our own babies, we always want to give them the best. Therefore it is important to make sure that you only purchase items that are suitable for them. It is very common for parents to rely on strollers so that they can get on with their work without having to leave the baby behind.

There are many features to look out for when you compare strollers. Firstly, you will have to ensure that the stroller is portable and lightweight so that they would not face difficulty when wheeling it around. Secondly, the stroller should also be easy to maneuver and suitable for all terrains. It should also be the kind that would provide ample comfort and protection to the baby. If you are looking for the top rated strollers that are current for sale, then you will definitely want to check out our best stroller reviews below!


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There is a bunch of options available in the market. Among these, we will be featuring our picks on the 10 best strollers 2017. Lets now look at what these strollers have to offer that give you the reasons to be impressed.


Best Strollers 2017


1) UPPAbaby 2015 Vista Stroller

UPPAbaby 2015 top rated strollers

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If you are looking for a convenient option that would offer your kid ample support, this is something that you can take a look at. UPPAbaby has always been one of the best stroller brands around for many years. Many features make this stroller appealing and ensure that you do not get disappointed with what you get.

It is provided with an intuitive design, which paves the way for multiple configurations due to which you would be able to use it for a large family with ease. The full-size front seat, along with the rear-facing toddler seat is designed to match up to the size of a developing child. There is also the option for multiple combinations, which makes it all the more convenient for you.

The newly designed RumbleSeat has options of rear-facing, forward-facing, and recline. Hence, you will find this stroller to be a multitasker. It is also provided with a bassinet which ensures that your baby can sleep with comfort and ease while being protected from harmful sun rays. All in all, it is one of those strollers that can be put to use in more than one way.


  • Two seats present, a rear-facing one for toddlers and a full-sized front one
  • Features multi-position recline
  • Equipped with a bassinet
  • Folded in a single step
  • Compatible with performance travel system, so no adapters required
  • Ample storage space

2) BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller

BOB Revolution SE Single best rated strollers

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This is another stroller that is equipped with a plethora of features, all of which work to make things feasible and convenient for you. Exquisite attention is paid to the design of this stroller so that you can use it without facing any issues.

It offers you a lot of ease in maneuvering. Thanks to its design and the swiveling front wheel that rotates fully, you will not face any problem in maneuvering it in tight corners. It features a three-wheeled design which can be wheeled on any surface and is robust enough to provide the element of safety.

You can also use an accessory adapter to attach the stroller to a car seat with ease. It is equipped with an adjustable suspension system that offers a smooth ride to the baby. The design is compact while being easy to fold, thereby ensuring that transportation is not an issue. There are various storage options available as well.

This stroller is worthy of being recommended as one of the best baby strollers due to its design and the protection and comfort that it offers to babies.


  • Folding is easy and can be completed in two steps
  • Lightweight frame makes transportation easy
  • Adjustable suspension system ensures that the baby gets a smooth ride
  • Equipped with an accessory adapter, making it easier to attach it to the car seat
  • Reclining seat is adjustable and padded to ensure that optimal comfort is provided
  • Five-point harness for the safety of the child



3) Baby Jogger City Select Stroller

Baby Jogger City Select Best Strollers

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If you are looking for a versatile stroller that would be able to cater to your changing requirements as the baby grows, this is the one that you should take a look at. Being equipped with ample features, this stroller would ensure that you do not regret your purchase.

It is provided with a patented quick fold technology which ensures that you can fold the stroller in just one step. Therefore, storing the stroller would not take up a lot of your time. You can also create a custom system on the stroller as it can become a double stroller with 16 unique combinations. The stroller also has multiple reclining options, and the canopy is large and adjustable. As a result, you would not have to be worried about the safety of your baby as you make use of this stroller.


  • Manufactured using polyester, metal and nylon
  • Quick fold technology ensures that the stroller is folded with ease in a single step
  • Can be transformed into a double stroller with 16 combinations
  • 45 lbs. weight capacity per seat
  • Multiple reclining positions
  • Adjustable canopy to suit the height of the baby to protect them against the harmful rays of the sun



4) Britax 2017 B-Agile/B-Safe 35 Travel System

Britax 2016 B-AgileB-Safe 35 Best Travel System

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This stroller ensures that your child is provided with optimal safety as you wheel them around. With this stroller, there is quite a bit of convenience that you stand to attain, and this is easily one of the 10 best strollers.

It is equipped with all the safety components that ensure that your child does not have to face any danger. It has a deep foam-lined shell which shields your child and the Click and Go stroller compatibility makes it easier for you to transport it. It also maintains a high standard of quality and can be folded within a short span as the task would not take up a lot of your time. The lightweight frame also makes it easier for you to wheel the stroller around.


  • Aluminum frame
  • A deep foam-lined shell for protection
  • Compatible with Click and Go system
  • Meets the standards of quality and safety
  • Feasible and quick folding mechanism can be done with one hands
  • Light in weight, thereby making it easier to carry it



5) Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller

Baby Trend Expedition Best Jogging Strollers

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If you are looking for the best jogging stroller that can be wheeled on all surfaces with ease, this option will not let you down. It is designed to ensure that you can attain convenience at all times.

Large bicycle tires form part of the stroller, which ensures that it can roll on any surface with ease. The extra-wide rubber handle makes it feasible and comfortable for you to wheel the stroller around, while the trigger fold ensures that the stroller is folded within a short span with ease. It also features ample storage space and ensures that your child is provided with optimal comfort.


  • Running baby stroller with large bicycle tires
  • Two cup holders and covered compartment storage on a convenient parent tray
  • Extra wide and ergonomically-shaped rubber handle
  • Effortless trigger to enable easy folding, reduces stroller to a compact unit



6) Hot Mom 3 in 1 Travel System and Bassinet Combo

Hot Mom 3 in 1 best travel system

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If you are looking for high quality and stylish design as the main feature, you will find this product to be the perfect stroller for infant and toddler. Although not as famous as the other best stroller brands in the market, this product made its name based on its elegant design that made many mums scream in excitement.

This 3 in 1 baby stroller is manufactured with high-quality leather, and the design is enough to leave you impressed. It is designed in a manner that is suitable for both the baby and the parents. Having the option to change into a bassinet makes this baby one of the best strollers for newborns. It has a Height-View seat which ensures that the child is closer to the parents. It also has an adjustable push handle so that both parents can wheel it around with ease. This stroller pram is designed to ensure that the kid is provided with optimal comfort and protection.


  • Manufactured from leather
  • A 3 in 1 baby stroller that includes a bassinet for newborn, and a stroller seat that is adjustable to sit or lie down
  • The push handle can be adjusted according to your height with three stages
  • Features two-way seating



7) Bugaboo Bee3 Stroller

Bugaboo Bee3 top Strollers

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When people make a stroller comparison, they tend to look for products that would be easy to maintain and would offer them convenience in all aspects. This is the stroller which ensures that you do not have a reason to worry.

It is provided with a compact design, which is quite easy to carry and store. It also features a reversible seat with three reclining positions. It is designed in a way that ensures that it can cater to the requirements of a growing child. As a result, you would be able to use it for a long time with ease. The height adjustable handlebar also ensures that both parents can stroll the kids with ease. It is provided with a water-repellent sun canopy which provides optimal protection for the baby. The fabrics are washable and thus, maintenance would not be an issue.


  • Can be folded into a compact one-piece unit
  • Three reclining positions offered
  • 5-point harness for improved safety
  • Adjustable handlebar to ensure that the height can be what you are convenient with
  • Foam-filled rubber tires
  • Easy to maneuver due to the swiveling front two wheels
  • A large sun canopy which is water repellant as well
  • The fabrics are washable



8) Chicco Bravo Stroller

Chicco Bravo top 10 Strollers

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These days, parents tend to look for versatility when they search for their best stroller. If that is what you are looking for, this is an option that would suit your requirement.

It features a removable seat which ensures that you can transform it to a stylish frame carrier with ease. It can also be folded with a lot of ease within a short span. The auto-positioning wheels along with the self-standing compact position ensure that you do not have any trouble in storing the product. It also has a multi-position reclining seat which offers optimal comfort to the baby. The height adjustable handle along with the linked rear brakes offer parents ease in strolling it around.


  • Easy to clean as the seat is removable
  • Feasible folding mechanism
  • Self-standing compact position after folding makes storage easy
  • All-wheel suspension
  • Multi-position reclining seat
  • Handle can be adjusted according to height
  • Rear brakes present
  • Parent tray and storage space available for the convenience of parents
  • Accessible spacious basket



9) Graco Ready2grow Click Connect LX Stroller

Graco Ready2grow Click Connect LX best double Strollers

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This is the most profound quality of strollers that you will find when you compare strollers. There are quite a few features that make it appealing and ensure that you can stroll your child around with ease.

It has two riding options for two children, so you will be able to use it for quite some time. It also features a removable rear-facing seat and as a result, you have the opportunity to interact with the baby while walking. It has an automatic lock which offers security, and folding it is easy and would not take up a lot of time. The fabrics are removable, and you can wash them, thereby ensuring that maintenance is not an issue. There is ample storage space available for keeping stuff as you wheel the baby around.


  • The rear-facing seat is removable
  • Automatic lock
  • Can be folded with one hand with ease
  • Has a spacious storage basket along with snack trays
  • Easy maneuvering offered because of the front wheels that swivel
  • 5-point harness for safety
  • Manufactured using cotton and polyester



10) UPPAbaby 2015 G-Lite Stroller

UPPAbaby 2015 G-Lite best umbrella strollers

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The last item on our list of top 10 best strollers for year 2017. If you are looking for an umbrella stroller with basket and with not too many advanced features that have the tendency to leave one confused, this is among the best options that you will find.

It has a new mesh sling seat that offers breath-ability and comfort for the baby. It also features a removable height-adjustable canopy which provides the optimal protection to your child. The fabrics are removable, so you will not have a tough time cleaning the stroller. It also offers your child with comfort and safety while keeping things convenient for you.


  • The seat features a new mesh sling
  • The canopy’s height is adjustable and it is quite easy to open
  • The fabrics are removable
  • The sunshade is extendable


These are some of the best stroller reviews on the most popular baby gear products available on the market. Each of these ensures that the safety of your child is not something that you would have to be worried about. Safety is the first priority when we do a stroller comparison. These top rated strollers provide comfort to your baby and you do not have to worry about their safety as you go about your chores.

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Need to add the Britax to our list, thank you!!! Great list

Betty Flanagan

All these strollers have an upgraded version versions now. But they are still top rated in the list. I knew from a survey that the Bob Revolution is the best selling stroller this year. I am also using this stroller for my baby. This stroller can be used in every situation and purposes.